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Mila Moursi Insider Rewards

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Courteney CoxI am blown away by Mila Moursi products and treatments. I love their consistency and scent.  But mostly, they work. It's the best facial I have ever received.

- Courteney Cox


Jennifer AnistonI love Mila Moursi's skincare line and treatments. She has helped keep my skin healthy and beautiful. Mila is an expert in her field and a true professional. I noticed a significant difference in my skin since I began using her products. She's a skincare miracle worker!!!

- Jennifer Aniston


Candice BergenMila Moursi is the only woman who ever made a difference with my skin and I have loved her for 20 years. 

- Candice Bergen


Vanessa WilliamsFor the past 15+ years I have relied on Mila's professional expertise and her amazing products.  My favorites are the Refining Lotion, Aroma Oils and Rejuvenation Serum.

- Vanessa Williams


Arianna HuffingtonEver since a friend gave me a gift certificate years ago to Mila Moursi Skin Care Institute, I've been hooked on her treatments. She's an amazing esthetician.  Both her products and her treatments are ideal for women who want to take care of themselves naturally without going under the knife.

- Arianna Huffington


Chelsea HandlerSince I began using Mila Moursi's skincare line my skin has made a complete transformation. I noticed the difference immediately. Her products continue to improve my skin and keep it looking youthful and refreshed. I'm grateful for Mila and her products.

- Chelsea Handler


Laura PreponAfter switching to Mila Mours's skincare I've been getting so many compliments. I've always taken very good care of my skin, but since using Mila's products and techniques... it's brought my skin to a whole other level

- Laura Prepon


rashida jonesMila's products and treatments are the perfect blend of a gentle and powerful approach to taking care of my skin. The regimen is simple and the products are fantastic.

- Rashida Jones


brooke smithMila Moursi’s treatments and products have literally transformed my skin. Since I’ve been using her products I have gotten so many compliments on my skin. Even the woman who does my makeup for Ray Donovan asked me why I’m glowing so much!

- Brooke Smith


image126Mila Moursi is a DO NOT MISS experience in Los Angeles ! She is one of the most tuned in skin specialists I have ever had the pleasure of being treated by. Mila feels what your face needs, and her treatments make you feel as if you are glowing from the inside and that you have just been given the most incredible regenerated skin. Her products keep your skin in such good shape!! I especially love the Refining Lotion and Rejuvenating Serum. I find an excuse to go to Los Angeles at least twice a year just so I can see her for her treatments! And I live in Paris!

- Bianca Brandolini


Sherry LansingI couldn't live without Mila. The treatments are the best in the world. There is nothing better for your skin.  I use the products daily.

- Sherry Lansing


Laurie DavidMila, even though the planet is warming, my skin will still look good!

- Laurie David


Christine Lahti SGG 055458I had my first visit with Mila 5 years ago and have been going to her ever since. Mila's products and treatments are so natural and beneficial to my skin.  And, I am hooked on them and on Mila, a beautiful, caring, passionate esthetician, who care cares about what she does.

- Christine Lahti


Waldo FernandezI have been going for the past three years and as a 65 year old man I get compliments daily.

- Waldo Fernandez